The SkyDose system is an operational dosimetry system which has been designed to perform real-time monitoring of the doses of a team operating in an highly-exposed area. The system contributes to working according to the ALARA principle.

Only few minutes are necessary to deploy the SkyDose system by distributing the routers which will automatically configurate their communication network. Consequently, the supervisor’s terminal is easily and quickly ready to access the dosimeters (until 8).

Advantages Skydose

  • energy range: from 50 keV. to 7 MeV!
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use including reactor buildings
  • suitable for emergency situations → high dose and dose rate range
  • real-time hotspots detection to reduce the mission dose received by workers
  • low maintenance costs
  • real-time, remote & simultaneous monitoring of the Saphydose γi RT dosimeters → immediate reaction in case of emergency


  • nuclear power plants
  • fuel reprocessing plants
  • research centres
  • emergency respons teams





  • personal dose equivalent: Hp(10)
  • detector: 2 energy-compensated silicon diodes
  • dose rate measurement range: 0.5 µSv. to 9,999.99 mSv
  • dose measurement range: 1 µSv. to 9,999.99 mSv
  • alarms: sound & visual
  • battery lifetime in operation: 4,000 hours
  • data transmission interval: 2,5 sec (alarms immediately)
  • radio range: 300 m
  • compliant with use in nuclear facilities (CEI 61526)
  • stored in a ruggedized pelicase

Datasheet Skydose


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