Astrophysics logoAstrophysics introduces its most robust X-Ray Imaging System ever. The X-Ray Imaging System withstands extremes: desert- to ice climates. You are guaranteed of dirt and water resistance thanks to its IP52 certification. The XIS is flexible and mobile because of its shock-absorbing wheels.

With an input of 75.6 × 55.2 cm the XIS-7555R has been designed for maximum object screening within a small footprint.

This Astrophysics X-Ray Imaging System uses the best detectors to create superb X-Ray images. All Astrophysics X-Ray systems are equipped with real-time system diagnostics, allowing remote support.


  • IP52 dust and water resistance (certification)
  • 6 color identification for better material recognition
  • steel housing with corrosion resistant powder coating
  • shock-absorbing wheels
  • (extreme) climate and weather conditions (operating temp. minus 17°C to +49°C)

characteristics XIS-7555R

  • 180kV X-Ray generator: enhanced penetration
  • 38AWG wire resolution
  • 1mm spatial resolution
  • 37mm steel penetration
  • specially developed for outdoor use


  • aviation
  • events
  • militaries, foreign missions
  • customs, mobile
  • embassies


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