Saphymo’s SpectroTRACER, the intelligent gamma spectrometric probe for nuclide-identification in air or water

The Saphymo SpectroTRACER is a continuous measurement system for measurements at extremely low gamma contamination of air  (or water: SpectroTRACER-aqua). It performs a spectrometric analysis to identify the detected radionuclides.

The SpectroTRACER is easy to use and designed for low maintenance operation under harsh conditions. For example; even in emergency situations where public networks won’t work due to traffic overload, there is possibility of independent data transmission through reliable radio technology called SkyLINK and ShortLINK.

Low power consumption (2.5W; 10- 24V) allows both mobile and stationary use. Also, expansion is possible with a solar power supply or battery backup.


  • compact, robust and reliable
  • designed for stand-alone use
  • LAN, WIFI, GPRS/3G, SkyLINK and GPS option
  • data transmission possible through LAN, WIFI, GPRS/3G, or SkyLINK/ ShortLINK
  • continuous auto stabilization of the detector
  • data storage, transmission and display via N 42.42 format


  • surveillance of released water of nuclear power plants and hospitals
  • control of sewage water, rivers and lakes
  • ground contamination


  • LaBr3:Ce of Nal (Tl)-detector, GM tube optional
  • compact design, including: detector, HV, Pre-amp, low-Power PC
  • preforms different types of manually selectable measurements:
    accumulation of count rate for identification of 15 different types of nuclides within a manually selected ROI, based on spectrum analysis (output depending on probe type in Bq/m3, Bq/m2, Bq/l, nSv/h).
  • H*(10) dose rate for the entire spectrum
  • periodically performed analysis between 1 minute and 24 hours of the gamma spectrum up to 8192 channels
  • optionally available: GPS, rain sensor, meteostation

Would you like to know more about the Saphymo SpectroTRACER?
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sap 13 spectrotracer inuse 200px

SpectroTRACER in use

sap 13 spectrotracer

SpectroTRACER Flyer (peo_pdf_logo2)

sap 15 spectrotracer inuse 2 200px SpectroTRACER

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