The D3S from Kromek comes in combination with a secure Android phone. The phone features the exclusive D3S app. The layout has been updated with an even clearer isotope identification.

The app has a modern appearance and now first displays the important data before the actual parameters. The centre of the screen now shows the gamma dose rate and neutron count.

Isotope identification

After a source has been identified, the screen gives a warning through a large, striking pop-up. The isotope detection and classification can be seen there.
Reachback is even slicker with an on-screen checklist that walks the user through the process, prompting them for measurement of the suspect item, background measurement and site photo.

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Other renewed aspects

  • view 100 previous alerts
  • time chart with additional details
  • dark mode for more efficient use
  • readable battery status and connection
  • disable vibration and warning with one click
  • more step-by-step support from the app


Kromek D3S PEO Radiation Technology

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