The RayMon10 handheld gamma detector from Kromek is a powerful portable radiation monitor. The RayMon10 is suitable for dose rate and identification of gamma (isotopes). The coplanar-grid CZT detector ensures high resolution and more efficient identification. It has 94 radionuclides in the library. The detector operates with the RayMon10 Analysis software.

The new tablet is robust and user-friendly. It is shockproof, water- and dust proof (IP68), functional between -20°C and + 50°C and designed for MIL-STD-810G test procedures. The probe is IP65 certified.

The transition to a tablet provides a larger image display with high brightness. The Raymon10 is suitable for both glove and stylo operation for intuitive use.

The integrated strap of the Raymon10 ensures that you hold the tablet firmly against your hand. This results in increased ergonomics and reduced grip strength. The tablet-detector combination can lie flat on the table.

More effective in the field or lab with the handheld gamma detector

The Raymon10 now has two built-in cameras as standard: at the rear an 8 MP camera with LED flash and a front camera with 2 MP. The software links the taken photo directly to the date, time and GNSS position.

The removable Li-Ion battery (43.2 Whr) runs for up to 10 hours on one battery charge.

The probe contains a GR1 CZT gamma detector with a 10 mm x 10 mm x 10 mm coplanar-grid detector. It has an energy range of 30 keV to 3.0 MeV with an energy resolution up to 2% FWHM at 662 keV.

RayMon10 handheld gamma detector application areas:

  • health physics
  • nuclear installations
  • security screening
  • military and homeland security
  • site surveys
  • first responders
  • environmental monitoring
  • waste disposal

RayMon10 Datasheet 📁

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