curses_cursussen_PEO_radiation_technologyThe IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) makes 100+ of free courses available to anyone who wants to learn more in the fields of radiation hygiene, nuclear technology, nuclear safety and more.

Online (vocational) training is perhaps the perfect time to spend in times of corona home quarantine!

PEO will be pleased to assist you with further information about measurement applications or other applications in the areas:

  • health (ALARA) and radiation safety;
  • nuclear industry;
  • nuclear physics;
  • and more.

Also view the IAEA course announcement on LinkedIn.


(Video) demonstrations via the Zoom application or other video conference applications are possible.




Radiation detection and spectrometry solutions for color discrimination in X-ray imaging, gamma detection and medical imaging. ...

Centronic Nuclear

Radiation detectors, GM tubes, ion chambers, BF3 proportional counters ...


Complete GM based handheld radiation detectors with roots in the gas / oil offshore industry. NORM specialist. Intrinsically safe (ATEX and FM) waterp ...


Robust and compact α β γ survey meter MiniTRACE. ShortLINK and SkyLINK wireless environment monitoring up to 100km. With γ tracer - 10 year period ...

Ludlum Medical Physics (LMP)

Budget friendly and professional radiation measuring equipment: GM, scintillation etc. portable, environment monitoring, space monitoring and portal d ...


Professional modular nuclear electronics: NIM, Camac Crates and power supplies ...


Professional modular and stand-alone high voltage power supply in NIM, desktop or OEM package for x-ray power supplies, detectors and destructive tes ...

Radiation Solutions Inc.

Portal radiation monitors systems, laboratory tools for spectrum analysis and portable, mobile and airborne spectrometers. ...