ORTEC’s new Detective X Germanium Detector brings your nuclide identification to a higher level.
The detector has a large HPGe crystal and is therefore more sensitive and better able to identify fast and accurate.
The Detective X is also smaller than its predecessors (weighs only 7 kg!) and has the most modern communication capabilities.

Ortec Detective X

Video Detective X


  • fast identification
  • WiFi connection with Smartphone
  • extensive nuclide library: > 175
  • continuously usable (10 hours on battery) and always ready for use
  • very robust

Characteristics Detective X

  • HPGe crystal: 65 x 50 mm
  • data communication:
    • USB
    • Ethernet
    • MFK
    • WiFi
  • Stirling cooling / hardened cryostat
  • Li6/ZnS neutron detector module (optional)


  • government
  • military
  • customs
Detective X cooling

Stirling cooling

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Datasheet ORTEC Detective X


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