AstrophysicsThe Mail & Small Parcel X-ray baggage scanner product line of Astrophysics is renewed. The X-Ray systems have enhanced penetration and are carry the Astrophysics blue color.

Astrophysics X-Ray Imaging Systems use the best detectors to create high quality X-Ray images. All Astrophysics X-Ray systems are equipped with real-time system diagnostics, allowing more efficient (remote) support.

The 160 kV X-Ray generator enables enhanced image quality in 6 colors and faster throughput.

The X-ray baggage scanners are also available in mobile versions.


  • enhanced high-resolution images in 6-colors
  • improved mobility for internal placement
  • remote support

characteristics Astrophysics X-ray baggage scanners

  • 160kV X-Ray generator, dual 180kV for the XIS-6545DV
  • product range with different transit sizes in compact enclosures


  • events
  • customs
  • embassies
  • military police & KLPD

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