After the D3S stand-alone and the D3S for area mapping, Kromek introduces a new solution: the isotope detecting & identifying drone!

The low weight, small size and low power requirements of the isotope detectors (eg D3S) makes them perfect for usage on autonomous vehicles such as drones.

The detectors have been used in recent years to measure radioactivity in the contaminated areas Fukushima (JPN) and Chernobyl (UKR) and also in old lead mines in Cornwall (UK) and the nuclear power plant in Sellafield (UK).

Radiation mapping drone applications

  • rapid emergency response monitoring of radiation events
  • routine monitoring of nuclear installations
  • monitoring radiation in the oil & gas industry
  • environmental monitoring for radiation hazards
  • releasing areas for hazards above threshold value
  • exploring for Rare Earth Elements
  • defence and Homeland security operations

Video: explanation of drone operation with Kromek detectors

Autonomous airborne radiation monitoring system

n combination with photogrammetry or LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging or Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging) and radiometric measurements, a digital elevation model (DEM) can be used with a radiation dose chart as an overlay. Autonomous flights are easy to repeat by using the UAV mission plan each time.

Radiation mapping

Radiation mapping

Video: repeat surveys have been used to show success of clean up activities to address the leak at a storage site in the Fukushima fallout zone




Radiation detection and spectrometry solutions for color discrimination in X-ray imaging, gamma detection and medical imaging. ...