Tracerco Personal Electronic Dosimeters (PEDs):
radiation safety simplified!

Tracerco’s range of personal electronic dosimeters (PEDs) are suitable for oil and gas, medical and life sciences, nuclear, CBRNe and emergency services, NDT, manufacturing
and industrial, and environmental and waste management industries.

PED Blue
The PED-Blue is a lightweight device that can be configured to use two or four dose alarm levels. The device is robust and user-friendly and has a large display, IP67 rating and simple one-button operation.

The PED-IS is ideal for workers who are not specially trained to measure radiation exposure.The user experience is key in the product design. This intrinsically safe personal electronic dosimeter is available to measure radiation exposure in potentially explosive environments.

The PED+ can be used as both a personal dosimeter and handheld dose rate survey meter with a number of additional features, such as Bluetooth, GPS and pop-up message alarms.

Tracerco has also developed the PED Blue ER and the PED+ ER, especially for NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) activities. This extended dose rate version has a range of 0 to 1 Sv/h.

Compare the PED versions and discover which suits best to your situation:

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