The Model 3277/1 can be used for frisking personnel or objects for alpha and beta contamination. Ludlum developed this wall-mount or desktop instrument with a simple layout and high usability.

The 3277/1 has a large, color touch-screen that displays alpha and beta readings simultaneously. The dual tone click-audio enables the user to easily distinguish between alpha and beta contamination. It uses an internal, rechargeable battery or a 100 – 240 Vdc wall transformer. Battery life is approximately 8 hours under normal usage. This model is supplied with either a wall mount or a desktop mount. The instrument can be used with either scintillation or proportional alpha-beta detectors.


  • 7-inch color touch-screen display
  • shows all readings simultaneously in a large, simple layout
  • simple setup and use
  • can be used with various scintillation or proportional detectors
  • either imperial or SI units
  • rechargeable backup battery

Datasheet Ludlum Model 3277/1


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