Model 9DP * from Ludlum with Ion Chamber

Ludlum 9DP PEO radiation technology

The Model 9DP* Ambient Dose Ion Chamber Survey Meter (Ludlum) is a highly sensitive pressurized ion chamber meter which delivers an exposure rate and measurement of exposure that is displayed and measured conform the ICRU (International Commission on Radiation Units) thirty cm tissue equivalent sphere.

The Model 9DP* is extremely stable in measuring

Ludlum also offers a Dimension Interface Package that facilitates complete setup and calibration programming under administrator-controlled password protection.

The Model 9DP* maintenance and calibration is budget friendly. Furthermore, PEO support offers service agreements for your specific Ludlum radiation measurement Model.

Ludlum 9DP* PEO radiation technology

Ludlum Model 9DP* Versus Model 451P


The Model 451P is End-of-life and won’t receive updates or budget friendly service, which make your future measure application more complex.



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