PEO Radiation Technology offers a wide variety of instruments for nuclide identification. These instruments enable you to accurately determine which radioactive isotope you are dealing with.

Fast and most accurate nuclide identification with ORTEC HPGe Detective X

The ORTEC Detective X is equipped with a large volume HPGe crystal and a built-in electric Stirling cooler. This makes the detector more sensitive and able to identify >175 radionuclides very quickly and accurately. The Detective X is a lightweight in its class – only 7 kg – and provides the most enhanced communication options.

Video ORTEC Detective X

Lightweight yet robust

The housing of the Detective X is made of the extremely hard polycarbonate. This makes the detector not only lightweight but also very robust and therefore also suitable for rougher applications.

Despite the great versatility of the instrument, it is easy to operate and read out. The Detective X is also suitable for persons with less specialized knowledge.

Datasheet Ortec Detective X

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