PEO provides a professional service for the repair, testing and calibration of radiation monitoring equipment. We also have several loan devices available, which you can use while your own device is being calibrated. We focus on a quick time for execution of the calibration and inform you during the proces about the status of your device.

Keep your measurements accurate and reliable!

We calibrate any dose rate and contamination monitor of every brand. Each device is provided with a calibration certificate which states it complies with current legislation (Nuclear Energy Act).

Tailored Service Agreement

In order to relieve your burden, PEO is pleased to offer a service agreement to carry out your calibrations.
With this you have:
  • agreements made to fit your situation;
  • timely calibration reminders;
  • efficient maintenance by means of traceable service history;
  • price advantage.

For more information:
Phone NL: +31 (0)24 648 86 88
Phone BE: +32 (0)3 309 32 09