The D3S Drone radiation detector is designed for gamma and neutron activity mapping

The D3S drone is easily carried, compact and quickly deployed to provide CBRNe Homeland Security or civil nuclear inspection. The D3S Drone is able to map radiation hotspots and patrol a large area quickly. The operator receives the real-time data transmission (counts per second) to a six-inch screen separate to the drone flight control screen. Its range is 10+ km.


D3S Drone - PEO radiation technology / Kromek (Airborne Area Radiation Mapping: gamma/neutron)

Watch the video: D3S Drone assembling and preparation for airborne!

The D3S Drone comes with a robust backpack. Assembling and preparing for airborne takes less than two minutes.

Advantages D3S Drone

  • no radiation exposure for monitoring personal;
  • drone airborne radiation mapping;
  • zero interference with objects or human bodies (clear round downward view);
  • ImiTec Ltd – Remote Isotopic Analysis System;
  • Google Maps software layer integration;
  • flight ready within 2 minutes.

D3S Drone characteristics

  • gamma detector material: CsI(Tl);
  • gamma energy range: 30 keV to 3 MeV;
  • gamma sensitivity for Cs137: 500 cps/μSv/h;
  • photo peak 120 cps/μSv/h;
  • maximum throughput for gamma channel: 10,000 cps;
  • maximum dose rate: 20 μSv/h at 662 keV (spectroscopic);
  • 1 Sv/h at 662 keV with high dose module;
  • neutron detector material: Non-3He;
  • neutron detector gamma rejection: Better than 10-7 meets ANSI N42.34 section 6.7;
  • maximum throughput for neutron channel@ 5,000 cps.


  • routine monitoring / nuclear sites / facilities / strategic sites.
  • area surveying & monitoring / mine sites;
  • CBRNe / defence patrol / border / event / infrastructure protection;
  • research & laboratory;
  • emergency response / terror incidents / nuclear incidents
  • health physics.

Safety first

The use of a drone means that you keep your team away from an contaminated area. The drone quickly covers a large area that may be inaccessible to people or where it is dangerous. That makes the D3S Drone a very safe application.




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