The AlphaGUARD is a portable monitor and is designed for instant or continuous measurement of Radon gas (Rn-222). The monitor is be used for radon measurements in the surroundings, mines, laboratories and also for complementary investigations in buildings.

Air-, water-, soil- and exhalation measurements are possible because of a large range of accessories and external probes. The instrument achieves a high detection efficiency, a wide measuring range, fast response and permanent, maintenance-free operation with long-term calibration. Type PQ2000 PRO is also upgradable with a thoron measurement mode. This additional mode makes enables the AlphaGUARD to distinguish Radon from thoron.


• detector: 0.62 L ionization chamber
• mode of operation: 3D alpha spectroscopy and current mode
• measuring range: 2 – 30.000 Bq/m³ (P30),
2 – 2.000.000 Bq/m³ (P2000/PQ2000/PQ2000PRO)
• instrument calibrator error: 3%
• sensitivity of the detector: 1 cpm at 20 Bq/m³
• fast passive diffusion: 10/60 min
flow mode 1/10 min (PQ2000 PRO only)
• memory capacity P30/P2000/PQ2000: 1 to 4 months,
• PQ2000 PRO: 3 days, 1 and 6 months
• autonomy: 10 days (40 days with external battery)
• dimensions: 120 x 315 x 175 mm³
• weight: 4.5 kg

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Radon doesn’t belong in drinking water!?

Exposure to radon is a serious health risk if someone takes it through drinking water or food. Drinking contaminated water may lead to stomach cancer, while lung cancer has an association with inhaling radon (and its radioactive by-products) in the indoor air. The Radon Exchange Module 1 is a compact, effective and chemical-free system for air-to-water gas exchange and continuous radon concentration measurement in water. Together with the AlphaGUARD – the reference instrument for professional radon monitoring – an uninterrupted measurement of radon concentration can be carried out easily and quickly. With the AlphaGUARD, a non-stop operation of a few weeks is also possible, without the need for personnel during the measurement procedure. Together with the AlphaGUARD, REM 1 helps to continuously monitor radon concentration in water and to prevent the negative impact on human health.

The three reasons for an Alphaguard:

The reference instrument with high sensitivity;
high performance for versatile applications;
maintenance-free operation;

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