Personal Electronic Dosimeter (PED+) – Tracerco

The PED+ can be used as both a Personal Dosimeter and a handheld dose rate survey meter. The PED+ has a number of added features, such as Bluetooth, GPS and pop up message alarms.

Personal Electronic Dosimeter (PED+) features

  • a new mode, selected through the menu that allows the device to be used as a handheld survey meter
  • shows readings in dose rate (Sv or rem) and displays a live trend graph to give a real-time visual depiction of measured activity
  • measurement is corrected for use off-body. The personal accumulated dose is therefore not recorded
  • dose rate data is logged during off body mode to allow data review using DoseVision
  • pop-up message display on alarm threshold giving the worker clear instructions
  • reduces training burden and the need to remember procedures
  • PED+ ER (Extended Range): 0 to 1 Sv/h


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