MAVIG has over 90 years experience and built an excellent reputation in the field of X-ray protection and medical technical pendulum systems. Nearly every hospital use these systems, for example in the cath lab, OR, CT, intervention- and research areas. Philips, Siemens, Canon-Toshiba, GE or Agfa often designed these rooms and used  systems. MAVIG has appointed PEO as preferred distributor for providing service, maintenance and installation. It’s also possible to upgrade older systems to the 2018 standard. The PEO service provision focuses on the entire process from advice to after sales.

MAVIG System Solutions

WMAVIG 120 F lamphether it’s the modular Portegra2 system, the heavy lift GD60 or other MAVIG products: the patented technology is globally established and known as very reliable. The Portegra2 system is the new standard in medical technical pendulum systems. The Portegra2 can be equipped with lead glass screens, monitors, lamps and other accessories that contribute to radiation hygiene as well as your daily activities.


  • Suitable for medical rooms
  • High flexibility with maximum safety
  • The systems comply with the highest applicable standards

PEO is pleased to be of service to you with MAVIG products. Our new PEOneer – Johnny van der Bij (Sales Engineer), is your point of contact.   Would you like to know more about the applications? Discuss it with PEO!




X-ray protection and medical technical pendulum systems ...