PEO Radiation Technology is present at the NVS autumn symposium 2017. The symposium will take place on November 10th in Nieuwegein.

This edition is about the new legislation ‘Decision on basic safety standards for radiation protection’.

Visit PEO at the booth and get informed about the solutions we offer in the field of health physics / radiation hygiene.

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Bertin Instruments / Saphymo – monitor the invisible

RadTRACE – ultra compact and fast

RadTRACE of Bertin Instruments (Saphymo) is an ultra compact gamma dose / dose rate meter with an energy-compensated GM tube.

The RadTRACE is easy to use and therefore also suitable for non-expert users exposed to ionizing radiation.
With DataEXPERT software, you easily make data analysis.

RadTRACE Saphymo_PEO

Advantages RadTRACE

  • in accordance with EN-IEC 60846-1: 2014 standard
  • fast response (1s)
  • simple and intuitive in use
  • user-friendly DataEXPERT software via PC
  • robust and shock resistant
  • range: from 0,1 μSv/h to 100 mSv/h
  • sensitivity: 2,500 pulses per μSv
  • energy range: 48 keV to 2 MeV (± 40%)
  • data storage: up to 650 dose and accumulated dose values
  • 3 adjustable alarms (visual, sound and vibration)

RadTRACE functions


The new generation of AlphaGUARD from Saphymo is a portable, battery or networked reference grade radon monitor. The AlphaGUARD complies with the European directive 2013/59 / Euratom. The DF2000 version discriminates radon and thoron.

Advantages AlphaGUARD:

  • measures radon in air, water and soil
  • large storage capacity
  • built-in pump
  • up-to-date connectivity
  • designed for use in the field

AlphaGUARD plusBG_400px

Area monitoring

  • GammaTRACER: stand-alone autonomous gamma monitor
  • GammaTRACER Spider: autonomous gamma monitor for calamities and first aid services
  • SpectroTRACER: for low gamma levels for air, soil or water applications
  • SHORTLINK: software for <10 km area monitoring
  • SKYLINK: software for >10 km area monitoring

Spidertracer Shortlink Skylink_400px

MiniTRACE portbable monitors

  • MiniTRACE CSDF: The unique all-in-one solution for surface contamination (sweep tests), survey, dose rate, X-ray, beta, alpha, gamma radiation and even food monitoring
  • MiniTRACE S5: the standard for the X-ray service engineer. The MiniTRACE S5 measures alpha, beta, x-ray and gamma radiation and is compact, easy to use and robust. Optionally, the MiniTRACE S5 includes a built-in test source

Minitrace CSDF en MiniTRACE S5

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