The NCT Europe 2018 will take place from 3 until 6 July!

PEO is present with Bertin, Tracerco, Kromek and Ortec. Visit us and discuss with our experts about radiation detection and the latest developments in gamma spectrometry! The Dutch Ministry of Defense is a partner of the event and the most prominent CBRNe stakeholders from all over Europe will be present.

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Kromek D3S; compact high sensitive CsI(TL) spectral gamma-neutron detector for wireless radiation detection and identification network

The D3S is a CsI (Tl) silicon photomultiplier-based gamma and neutron detector in one device which is hardly bigger than your palm. The D3S is a remotely readable detector and part of a secure integrated monitoring network. Using a USB or Bluetooth connection the D3S communicates with Kromek’s own isotope identification software on a smartphone.


  • D3S-NET (network detector) or D3S-ID (stand-alone)
  • discreet wearable design; lightweight and small
  • easy to use; single button operation
  • gamma energy range: 30 keV to 3 MeV
  • doserate: up to 15 µSv/h @ 662 keV
  • operational battery life: 12 hours
  • designed for CBRN emergency services


Kromek D3S

‘Kromek’s D3S used for security when President Trump visited Brussels’ 
Kromek’s D3S has been deployed by the the European Commission’s anti-terror unit. The D3S was part of security operations which were deployed during the NATO Security Conference (with President Trump attending).

The radiation detection systems performed well and met the desired high standards for accuracy and efficiency which are required in this type of operation.


SaphyRAD E multiprobe contaminatiemonitor


  • robust & ergonomic
  • processed smart probe with calibration
  • suitable for use with analog Canberra probes (optional)
  • multiple measurement modes and a simulation mode
  • measuring distance control indicator

SaphyRAD-E from Bertin Instruments (Saphymo) is a multiprobe handheld device used for the detection of alpha / beta radioactive contaminations.
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SaphyRAD MS Bertin Instruments


  • built in simulation function for training
  • designed for use with CBRN protective clothing
  • specific algorithm for very fast and reactive detection
  • detector: 2 GM tubes or external probes
  • dose rate: 0,05 µSv/h to 10 Sv/h

SaphyRAD MS (Bertin Instruments) is the latest multiprobe survey meter designed for being operated in harsh environments such as military fieldwork and by first responders. The device can be operated while wearing gloves.
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PED Family

Tracerco PED Family


  • PED-IS; intrinsically safe version
  • PED Blue; budget-friendly basic version
  • PED+; most advanced version (including dose / dose rate survey meter and GPS)

Tracerco has designed the PED family to be the easiest personal radiation monitors to use and understand on the market. Everything on the devices has been designed with the user in mind.Whether you are a nurse in the radiology department, working on a drilling rig, a firefighter or policeman:

The PED Family offers a solution for every situation.
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Micro detective


The Ortec Micro Detective is a cooled HPGe rugged portable radio isotope identifier and weighs only 6.7kg! Applicable as, for example: Hand-Held Nuclide Identifier, Emergency Whole-Body Counter, Ad-hoc Portal Monitor, Search System or Food Monitor.

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  • accurate identification of nuclides based on high resolution gamma spectroscopy with confirming neutron detection
  • definitive detection of illegal specialist nuclear materials (SNM) in seconds
  • fast, simple and ULTRA-reliable classification of NORM, medical, industrial, SNM and natural isotopes, shielded and unshielded: meets ANSI N42-34
  • gamma-Ray, SNM and Neutron search modes, Secure Digital (SDIO) slot.
  • USB and wireless 802.11 communication, built-in GPS, wireless mobile MCB server software

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