• expertise and custom-made solutions

    The PEOneers provide expertise and custom-made solutions in the field of professional measuring and detection of radiation, light, position and colour, inspired by a solution centered working-method.

    Emile de Kler
  • Honest and reliable / solid solutions for all your questions and needs, that is what I stand for.
    Peter Dejonge
    director Belgium
  • Finding solutions with clients and translate these into specific products for QA and dosimetry; that is my mission.
    Joris Schoenaers
    application engineer
  • Building and managing customer relationships motivates me to give my greatest effort at work every day.
    Vincent Kroeze
    sales engineer
  • I support you in your measurement application and aim for optimal service and quality.
    Tommy Hermans
    service & QA specialist
  • We reflect our joy of working at PEO by delivering accurate work and by being friendly and motivated.
    Léonie Pas, Adrienne de Vet & Sandra Festen
    office / finance support
  • Keeping in contact with clients to find solutions with each other which results in work process improvement(s) in particular and customer care in general.
    Luc Kluiters


Next level nuclide identification with ORTEC Detective X Germanium (HPGe) detector

ORTEC's new Detective X Germanium Detector brings your nuclide identification to a higher level. The detector has a large HPGe crystal and is therefore more sensitive and better able to identify fast and accurate. The Detective X is also smaller than its predecessors (weighs only 7 kg!) and has the most modern communication capabilities. Advantages...
23 Jun 17

Monitor exposure to ionizing radiation with the RadTRACE gamma dose / dose rate meter

RadTRACE from Bertin Instruments (Saphymo) is a pocket size gamma dose / dose rate meter with an energy compensated GM tube. The instrument is easy to use and therefore also suited for non-expert users which are exposed to radiation. RadTRACE advantages ultra-small and light weight simple and intuitive handling robust → shock resistant very fast response...
9 Jun 17

PED+; a personal dosimeter and a handheld dose / dose rate survey meter in one device

A personal dosimeter which also is usable as a handheld dose / dose rate survey meter; Tracerco realizes it with the PED+. Except this unique characteristic, the PED+ has several other practical features. This makes it the most extensive member of the PED family Exclusive PED+ features customisable on-screen messages for alarms Bluetooth connectivity handheld...
2 Jun 17